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Altre Voci Altre Stanze

Centro Fieristico Le Ciminiere,
Catania Arte Fiera, Catania, Italy, 2
(a.k.a. Other Voices Other Rooms)

The first edition of Catania Arte Fiera presents a collateral exhibition, curated by Alessandro Riva, with the collaboration of three curators coming from Israel, Turkey and Greece, that brings together Italian Artists and foreign artists coming from the principal regions of the Mediterranean, with the scope of conveying a strong desire of opening towards the emerging cultures.

A work by Eitan Buganim

A work by Elyasaf Kowner

A work by Isana Meirovich

A work by Gaston Zvi Ickowicz

The Exhibition
72 artists rediscovering the different national identities: the Italian school of painting, the Italian school of sculpture, with original starting point facing photography, and a dialogue with the artistic tendencies coming from Greece to Spain, from Turkey to Israel.
Altre voci altre stanze, Other Voices Other Rooms, forms an open window, to the artistic scene emerging in the Mediterranean, confronting the ones that propose themselves “within the field”, inside the vital and dynamic context of the Art Fairs today.
A labyrinthic route is being introduced in the heart of the exhibition, without any need of classification of forms, techniques and nationalities, only following the trail of succession of themes and images, forms colors, visions and influences.


ork by Hugit Rubinstein


Work by Marcelo Lauber

A work by Wisam Farag

The Catalogue
The exhibition will include a catalogue, curated by Alessandro Riva and coordinated scientifically by Chiara Canali, with critical texts by Sevda Elgiz (director of the Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art of Istanbul), Miriam Smilan (Israeli curator), Dafne Vitali (Greek curator).

The Artists
Adalberto Abbate, Stefano Abbiati, Dario Arcidiacono, Gabriele Arruzzo, Christos Athanassiadis, Davide Avogadro, Zelimir Baric, Mirko Baricchi, Alessandro Belgiojoso, Giorgia Beltrami, Tarik Berber, Simone Bergantini, Eitan Buganim, Andrea Buglisi, Alessandro Busci, Chiara Camoni, Alfredo Cannata, Felipe Carden�a, Juanjo Castillo, Enrico Cazzaniga, Antonis Christodoulou, Davide Coltro, Giordano Curreri, Emilano Di Mauro, Alessandro Durini, Nezaket Ekici , Ramón Enrich, Deniz Erk, Wisam Farag, Loredana Galante, Daniele Girardi, Leonardo Greco, Deniz Gul, Alì Hassoun, Elena Kamma, Mihaillo Karanovic-Beli, Iva Kontic, Mehmet Kösemen, Ioannidis Kostas, Elyasaf Kowner, Kruno Jasprica, Christos Laskaris, Marcelo Lauber, Christian Leperino, Liuba, Dacia Manto, Florencia Martinez, Antonella Mazzoni, Isana Meirovich Yakov, Fulvia Mendini, Miltos Michailidis, Luka Moncaleano, Daniela Montanari, Öznur Özkurt, Massimo Pedrazzi, Stefano Porro, Alejandro Quincoces, Hugit Rubinstein, Roberta Savelli, Antonio Scoccimarro, Andrea S�iva Lacarpia, Mauro Soggiu, Antonio Sorrentino, Alessandro Spadari, Simona Spaggiari, Lina Theodorou, Armando Tinnirello, Jovana Tomanovic, Nicola Vinci, Sandra Virlinzi, Andrea Zucchi, Gaston Zvi Ickowicz.

Catania, Centro congressuale fieristico Le Ciminiere
22 - 25 September 2005
everyday from 10.00 till 22.00
inauguration: 22 September at 10.00
info: 0941 361544
ufficio stampa: TRIBE Società Cooperativa,
( Vanessa Viscogliosi - 339 5626111)






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