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Elyasaf Kowner
interdisciplinary artist, designer, lecturer
(b.1970, Haifa, Israel)

Solo Exhibitions / Screenings

In the Spirit of Josef Kowner, Supermarket, Stockholm Independent Art Fair, 2019
Ultramarine, Nulobaz cooperative art space, Tel Aviv, 2018
Allah Yustor, Kaima gallery [Curated by Philippe Brandes], Jaffa, 2010
‘Spiritual Gym ’, Peninsula Jewish Community Center, Foster City, California, 2009
‘Kindergarten Performance’, Marc Chagall School, Tel Aviv, 2008
‘Temporary Disappearance’, Yair Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2007
'Learning Pain from Trees', Herzliya museum, Herzliya, 2006
‘15‘, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, 2005
'I wandered relentlessly', H.Shchenim B, Center for Digital Art, Holon, 2004
'First Portrait', Tel Aviv Museum, 2003
'In Great Condition', Miklatok Gallery, Kibbutz Maabarot, 2003
'Car Portraits', Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod, 2002
'Inner Light', Brauda Academy Gallery, Carmiel, 2002
'Fragments', evening of video art screening, Herzliya museum, Herzliya, 2001
'Video Works', 'Rosenfeld' Gallery , Tel Aviv, 2001
'Elastic View Point' video-art show, Left Bank Cultural Center, Tel Aviv, 2000
'Checking up the Distance' exhibition, the Royal Academy, The Hague, 1997
'Closed in a Box' exhibition, 'The Krane' gallery, East Village, New York, 1993

Selected Group Exhibitions / Screenings

Alternative Nation, Zuzu Art Gallery [Curated by Rotem Ritov], Israel, 2019
The Collectivists, Tel Aviv Artists House [Curated by Orly Hofman], Tel Aviv, 2019
Plaster 6, benefit exhibition for Physicians For Human Rights, Tel Aviv, 2018
The Naked Gun, P8 Contemporary art gallery, 2016
Midday Summer Dream, Feinberg Projects, Tel Aviv, 2015
Surface Currents, Feinberg Projects, Tel Aviv, 2013
Curator: Yonah Fisher, Ashdod Museum of Art, 2013
'Street Art for Street Papers', Megafon auction, Bergen Kunsthall, Norway, 2008
'Water in Art and Life', Israel Museum [Curated by Hagit Alon], Jerusalem, 2007
'ffwd_mag#3 DVD screening', a+m bookstore, Milano, Italy, 2006
PI Five Video Festival [Curated by Agricola de Cologne], Szczecin, Poland, 2005
'21st World Wide Video Festival', Amsterdam, 2004
Screening of ‘Artattack’ program #10, Gwangju Biennale, Korea, 2002
‘Zoom in - zoom out’, Realities, Media and Myths in Israeli Video Art,
‘Art in General’, New York; ‘Black Box’, Argos, Brussels;
Centre pour l'image contemporaine, Saint-Gervais, Genève, 2002
‘Cinderella’s Revenge’ exhibition, Christinerose Gallery+, Soho, New York, 1994

Awards & Grants

Award for final MFA project, Haifa University, 2014
Grant from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation, 2009
Creativity Encouragement Prize for Visual Arts, Israeli Ministry of Culture, 2008
Grant for video, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, 2006
Grant for video art [Another Face], The New Foundation for Cinema, 2005
Grant from the Foreign Ministry Division for Cultural and Scienti€c Ties, 2004
Grant for an experimental €lm [In my Home],The New Foundation for Cinema, 2003
‘First Portrait’, a full year grant, Israel National Lottery, 2002
'Roslyn Lyons' support for catalogue, 2002
America Israel Cultural Foundation award, 2001
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Graduated with honors, 1999
Sandberg award for ‘After My Death’ Project, Bezalel Academy, 1999
Distinguished student, visual communications department, Bezalel Academy, 1997

Reviews & Essays

Interview with Felicia Grand, Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, 2019
City Snapshots - Spiritual Gym, news article, Foster City TV, 2009
Art on the Elliptical: PJCC’s Artist-in-Residence, Jweekly, 2009
'The Trees Whisperer', Galia Yahav, Timeout Tel Aviv Magazine, 2006
'Trapped in the Gestures...', Ilana Tenenbaum, '15', Haifa Museum, 2005
‘In Great Condition’, The Green Paper, Haim Maor, 2003
'Stencil Graffiti' by Tristan Manco, Thames & Hudson, 2002
Interview in ‘Art Attack’ TV show, program No. 10, 2001
‘On Fashion’, The Village Voice, New York, 1994
‘One Foot on the Sidewalk, Another in the Brain‘, David Lindsay, N.Y. Press, 1994


'Facing the Wishes', Pardes Publishing House [ISBN 978-965-7171-42-4], 2007
'Interview: Elyasaf Kowner',, 2006
'ffwd_mag#3', DVD+Magazine, Invernomuto, Italy, 2005
'15', CD Rom Catalogue (a Hebrew limited edition), Haifa Museum of Art, 2004
'World Wide Catalogue' CD rom, Amsterdam, 2004
'Car Portraits' catalogue, Janco Dada Museum, 2002 +
'Moments in Growth', A journey book, The Hague, 1997 +

Lectures and Visiting Artist

Art Shots at Supermarket, Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, 2019
Sketchbook lecture, Shenkar fashion department, 2018
Visiting artist, Sam Spiegel Film School, Jerusalem, 2013
Pecha Kucha #4, Jaffa, Israel, 2008
Lecturer, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat Gan, 2000 - 2008
Lecturer, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, 2005 - 2006
'Meet the Artist', Video Zone 3, International Video Art Biennial, Tel Aviv, 2006
Visiting artist in 'Newtopia', 'Bauhaus Center', Tel Aviv, 2006
Visiting artist and screening of 'Recent Works', Rosh Pina Cinematheque;
Sderot Cinematheque; Jerusalem Cinematheque, 2005
Visiting Artist, Akademia Sztuk Piknych, Lodz, Poland, 2005
Lecturer in a video art workshop, Rakefet Levi Stage Design School, Tel Aviv, 2004

Collaborations / Related Activites

Curator of 'Stars Outside' by Vered Shiloni and Sharon Zargari, Nulobaz, 2019
Images production for 'News from Home' book, 56th Berlin Film Festival, 2006
Curator of 'Local Time #5', Tel Aviv Cinematheque’, Tel Aviv, 2002
Production of video documenting ‘Sudden Birds’ dance by Yasmeen Godder, 2002
Designed ‘Art focus 3’ project in cooperation with Michael Gordon, 1999
'Elyasaf Kowner, Paris', graffifi campaign, New York, 1993-1994


#art_opening #1940, 3:20, 2019
Leon Loves the Sea and We Love Leon, 2017
Atur Mitzchech, 8:10, 2014
Yona, 46:00, 2013
Reminiscing, 3:30, 2013
On the Way Back, 6:00, 2012
Larry, 10:00, 2011
She Wandered, 4:00, 2010
Ze Hasade, 3:00, 2010
Facing the Wishes, 2009
The Sun Burns in my Heart, 2:30, 2009
Murder Here by Artist, 6:32, 2008
6:40 (Pecha Kucha), 6:40, 2008
Ya Syndrome, 5:23, 2008
Jodey, 1:00, 2007
The Laundromat, 2006
Polania, 2:10, 2006 +
Red Light/Red Heat, 5:30, 2006
In my Home, 11:30, 2005 +
The Handed Thread, 5:00, 2005
Making Poems in Writing, 4:00, 2005
Houdini Triptych, 0:18, 2005
Green Grass, 3:30, 2004
Dynamism of a Phone Booth, 0:40, 2004
Le Rendez-vous, 7:00, 2004 +
Snow Way, 4:00, 2004 +
Understood Nothing, 5:00 min, 2004
Violent Emotion, 3:00 min, 2003
Fufyk, 4:00 min, 2003
Aftershock, 13:00 min, 2003 +
The Road to Knowhere, 2:30 min, 2003
Dual Movie, 15:00 min, 2002 +
Call Me, 03:00 min, 2002 +
Sunset, 8:30 min, 2002
Car Portraits, 05:00 min, 2002
Perfect Form, 01:00 min, 2002 +
Diamond on the Beach, 7:30 min, 2001
Amne, 08:30 min, 2001 +
Dad Explains about Weapons and Numbers, 5:00 min, 2001
Every Time I am (reading) Somebody, 4:00, 2001 +
In the Center, 15:00 min, 2001 +
The Painting, 7:00 min, 2001
On the Shoulders, 4:00 min, 2000
Up and Down, 4:00 min, 2000
Sea Baby, 03:40, 2000 +
After My Death, 12:00 min, 1999
Measuring the Distance on a First Winter’s Day, 46:00 min, 1997

Snow Way, Video, 3:00 minutes, 2003
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