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Every Time I am (Reading) Someone
2001, 8:30 min

Every Time (translated transcript)

Every time I read about someone,
an artist.
When I read about someone,
Someone who attracts me,
a biography.

It is always the same thing.
When I close the book
something else happens.
I don’t know what it is
that happens.

Something changes in my thoughts.
I put myself in the position
of the protagonist from the book,
from the biography.
I put myself in his place,
as if I was him,
as if I was him.

And the people who are telling the story,
that of that protagonist
from the biography,
are all of a sudden
speaking about
my life.
shedding light.

Always those surprises of light.
Strange ones,
surprise me.

I know that I’m not that protagonist,
A.A., which I have now read about
in the book,
but something about the tone of speech,
the way it was written,
joined me later on,
accompanied me,
and it’s the strangest thing,
when it doesn’t go away,
when it stays with me,
accompanies me.



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