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Akko Bride Project
Akko Festival for Other Theatre, 2001
Photos from the screening of Amne by Uri Levinson

An experimental performance by different artists who created one show simultaniously. Included Jews and palestinians who workded together. The project was intiated by artist Adva Drori who also participated. Originally intended to take place on a boat but later was moved to the Acco Bourge.


Nataly Dvir, Liron Meshulam, Uria kadari, Michal Mogilner, Shahar Marcus, MWR rock band, Mahmod Shalabi, Wassem Akar, Richi shabby, Uri Levinson, Hadil Kadura, Adva Drori, Igal Babayof, Niv Ben David and Ariel Efron

Adva Drori, Noga Klinger, Stephanie Benzaquen and Lee Efrat
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