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60th Independence Day
2008, Israel.



My country's 60th independence day.
A few memories from the night before.
And the day wherein, i felt things
i could not find words for.




So i kept on taking photos.


While remembering the 30th independence day,
as if it took place just seconds earlier.




made me feel like time makes some sense.



Does it ?




Well, not for me.
And i don't think time makes sense
for young people in this city.




Rode the new bike,
thought of implanting D.I.Y energies
of environmental good hearted spirit
into the flag.



As if trying to recycle some dream like tension.
But people came falling down from the skies
and we all felt so dumb when one of them
collided into passerbys, the crowd who came
to glorify the event. Let's pray for all the wounded
souls in the region.


Too much pain is never really fun anyway,
So it's best to love each other
while we can,




and we can !!!
yes, we can.

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