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Die Alices
Video 61:00 min, color, sound, 2004
Documentation and DVD by Elyasaf Kowner

Photography and production of DVD documenting the play 'Die Alices', based on a true story by Paz Moscovitch.

Die Alices - The play
The love story between Dana, the freedom child, and Eyal begins in kindergarten. Dana decides to take a “timeout” from her wedding and escape to “life”, which seems to have more to offer her. Dana collapses in the middle of a party in South America and is flown to Israel urgently... life is indeed very surprising and unpredictable. Despite it all, Dana
“speaks with God... and chooses life”
Dana, an exceptional young woman, carries the audience with her on a breathtaking journey between absurd, tragic/comic situations and pictures changing at a frantic pace.
The image of Dana, stand-up comedian-actress, wanders between past, present and future, taking us along the thin line bonding and separating life from death, pain from joy, freedom and dependence.

Original play by Paz Moscovitch & Tal Aiesen
Director - Dor Peles
Actress - Paz Moscovitch
Music - Berry Sakharof
Set Designer - Pola Myodovnik
Lighting Designer - Keren Granek
Translation by Nick Rosen
Play Production - HABIMA National Theatre of Israel
with co. Oded Feldman


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