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After my Death
[a.k.a During my Life]
500*60 cm, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem. 1999

In a pseudo-memorial space the normal characteristics of memory were changed. The TV was covered with red transparent cloth and presented a video of interviews with family and friends. People have agreed to talk about Elyasaf as if he was gone. They also talked about life and what it means for them.
Some were laughing, some were talking about life, others have found it an opportunity to level with the artist and there were those who did not agree to participate. Inside a wooden display box i have laid things that have 'short lives' in our homes, rows of objects in glass packaging - bottles and jars.

The normal appeareance of 'lonely and solitary' objects that usually remain after one's death was elimintaed . Instead, series of objects aiming to bring back a sense of life was inserted into the pseudo memorial space.'After the assumption that he had left life, he went on to examine life through objects that I've felt close to and people i was in contact with'.

Conceptual Advisor: Michael Gordon


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