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Benjamin Lewi
(a.k.a Benjamin Halewi)
c.1860 (Zdunska Wola) - c.1928 (Lodz)


Was born to a Hasidic family. Educated as Rabbi. As part of the Gur hasidics. In his 20's worked in the forests, marking trees for uprooting. Was in love with nature. Later, arrived to Lodz and was matchmade with Faiga Winer. A wise combination of capital and education.

In the 1920's, he founded an enterprise together with Samuel Hohenberg, his son-in-law, who was married to his first born daughter, Mania. They have founded a textile factory under the name Lewi and Hohenberg.

Their children: Mania, Unknown daughter, David, Lola, Pinie, Unknown son, Wolf (Wowo), Regina, Pola


"Grand father, Benjamin, loved my mother, Pola. When she was a little girl, he would cook hard boiled egg, and put it in Pola's bed when she was asleep. She would wake up and find the egg in her bed and he would explain that she had just laid the egg."

"His love for my mother was expressed by her being the only child who had received broad secular education, including a doctorate from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow." -L.K.



Information given by his grandson, Leon Kowner

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